Upcoming Events

11th May 2018 - Bolton Money Skills

IOAFQ for Bolton Money Skills conference 

1st June 2017 - Hexham Community Group

IOAFQ last performance under current funding from IMLT


8th November 2016 - Stockton Riverside College

Maths and English open day, 4 performances 'One Families Story' part of KYM BL IFC Project

4th April 2016 - Accrington BL IFC Project

4-8 April

Accrington BL IFC Project, theatre workshop for Mount Carmel High School and work with a number of community groups

17th March 2016 - Dame Allans School


Dame Allans School, 4 performances in one day for their year 9's

14th March 2016 - Birmingham BL IFC

Birmingham BL IFC

26th February 2016 - Birmingham BL IFC

Birmingham BL IFC

1st February 2016 - Middlesbrough BL IFC

Middlesbrough BL IFC 

23rd November 2015 - Birmingham BL IFC week

Birmingham BL IFC week

16th November 2015 - Knowsley BL IFC week

Knowsley BL IFC week